Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hidden In Plain Sight: Hope
Delbert Enns
This is a relationship series. You are not alone.
God created us...
To LOVE me
To ENJOY a relationship with God
To MANAGE God's creation

Evil seeks to destroy you with guilt and self doubt and self loathing.

I make choices sad happy grumpy
5 destroyers:
Do you believe the vast majority of people you know have more potential?

Life of substandard performance happens because, living to please others, laziness, lack of hope

When we have lack of hope we fail.
Hope is to to cherish with anticipation.
Mark 5:22 the woman had hope that Jesus would heal her. She touched Jesus. She was healed. Just trust Jesus. The 12 year old was raised.
Mark connected 2 incidents into one story. He loved to tie teaching moments into his story. Through the reading and teaching on Sundays your faith will grow.
Both stories tie together. Woman with 12 years of bleeding and a 12 year old girl. Both marginalized in Jewish society. Jesus came to bring hope. To reinstate those with no hope.
Do you want it be part of a pity party or a game changer? An agent of hope? Exercise faith. Push through the crowd to touch Jesus. The bleeding woman had the faith. Jesus honoured that. Jesus re-instated her publicly. Jarius had just seen a miracle before he was told his daughter had died. He now believed Jesus could help. It was not easy to come out in public with his faith. He was on educated leader.
Jews words raise people from death
The Lord's supper is going public with our faith. Utter words of hope. Wherever you are listen to Jesus' words: "GET UP"
I do not have to live in despair no matter what has come my way. No matter how I have been mistreated. "GET UP" Jesus says.

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