Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love One Another E Free Church
Songs: (with well balanced musical accompaniment)
1. At Calvary I Found Liberty
2. How Can I keep From Singing?
3. Special Music: "Mercy Refused" Choir
4. Mighty to Save Everyone Needs Compassion
5. In the Name of the Father we will rise with you - Our God Saves.
6. You are my King - Amazing Love! How can it be that you my King would die for me?
7. Who is there like You? Suffering in my place. Your love has come to me and set me free.
Mission Report: Bolivia Bound, Jason & Shannon Hiebert and 4 kids going with EFCCM. Agua: Yaku Well Drilling Ministry & School for Girls.

John 13: Love One Another
8. They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love - we will work with each other and we will praise God.
9. Beloved Let us Love One Another.

Message by Pastor Ron Koleba

We find it difficult to do, yet Jesus strongly tells us to Love one another.
This comes to life when we actually do it.
''Ministering to 21st Century Families" comes to life when people love one another.
1. Heavy statements carry weight if attached to a person of substance.
The command makes sense only because of who said it.
We'd like to think that when God speaks, we listen. How responsive are you? Love can be told what to do without getting its nose out of joint.
2. Our love for one another is always tethered to Jesus Christ. Jesus was talking to 11 young guys: Love one another! As I have loved you. He did not say we are going out to fight till the last man is down.
Jesus the debt releasor says - Love trumps sin. Passes over my friends failure. Love is Love when it is tethered to Jesus' cross. Like a tether-ball. Love not tethered to the cross is not Love.
3. An internal love makes an excellent external point. Why are we reaching out to our community? Because we are tethered to the cross. 3 times Jesus said love one another. This is our identifying trait.
Love must come from the heart. It cannot be feigned.
When we break down our protective walls of selfishness we can love. We will be betrayed and rejected.
Do love. For Christ's sake. If you have 700 Facebook friends, you'll still drink alone. May that never be said of us.

Membership acceptance and Communion:
A table for those who are part of the family of God.
10. Thank You for Loving me, choosing me, your love lifted me.
Eat this bread in remembrance.
11. Here is love - on the mount of crucifixion fountains opened deep and wide.
12. Make us one, Lord, make us one, Let Your Love flow so the world will know we are one in You.
Drink in remembrance.

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