Saturday, August 06, 2011

Folklorama Hungary-Panonia & Ethiopia & Korea

Hungary - Goulach soup, Cabbage roll, Sausage, Delvideki Lecso and Langos very satisfying food. Energetic dances. Colorful Costumes. Encore presentation.

Ethiopia - Ethiopian beer (not addicting) at the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg Cultural Centre. Where they smoke the place up with freshly roasted coffee.
The oldest continuous Society in the world. The only African country never colonized. 6 major tribes including the Oroma Tribe. Coffee originated in Ethiopia from an area called coffa. Ethiopians are the most beautiful people in the world. Descendents of Solomon and the Queen Of Ethiopia. Emperor Haili Salasi was the last Lion of Judah.
Tigray People. Signature Slow walk LOUD drum beat dance.
Gurage People are even LOUDER. Where are my ear plugs? Full body workout! Dance lessons available.
Wolyita People. Southern Tribes. Courting song. 2 guys courting one woman. Hip dance.
Amhara People. Goodbye!
Sponsored by Modern east African restaurant 354 Portage Ave.

Korea - our 3rd country for tonight.
Korea is a peaceful country. They have never attacked another country.
Started with an artistic and delightful Five Drum Dance. Hanbok costumes.
Little Puppet's Dance by 6 cute girls.
Kimchi is the healthiest food in the world.
The graceful fan dance was well choreographed and easily worth the $6 admission.
Tae Kwon Do demonstration of martial arts is thousands of years old. This group participated in the Arnold Schwartzeneger Martial arts academy.
All young women now-a-days should take it for self defence.

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