Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Identity Theft

2 Sam 11:1-27, 12 Ps 52 Messages available online

Pandamania VBS was a wonderful experience - 100+ self-volunteered volunteers taught 200 kids. Jordan was a high maintenance kid from a disadvantaged home 2 years ago when he accepted Christ at VBS. Now he was a small group leader.

Songs: All God's children singing glory glory he reigns.
Sing Sing Sing And make music with the heavens Lift high the name of Jesus. What's not to love about you? You are the love that frees us.

2 more weeks till school starts. The stories of David. He became king. A man after God's own heart.
Mostly he made good choices. One day David made a very bad choice. He spied a really beautiful girl. Bethsheba. Problem. She was married to someone else. He arranged the death of her husband so he could have her for himself. Sin. Nasty.
We have all sinned. We all have nasty goo all over us. David realized he had messed up. And he asked God to clean up and change his heart. God helped David he can help us too! If we ask God to forgive us, he will wipe away all the goo. And make us new.

Songs: He knows my name. I have a maker He formed my heart. He sees each tear that falls. I have a father he calls me his own he'll never leave me.

Clip: Craving - Erwin McManus the meaning of life. Why do we exist? We search for meaning. Who are you? Meaning is to try to make sense of life. Especially when you experience loss.

Pastor Del: we find meaning in many ways. Money. Status. Power. Philosophy. Religion.
We bring meaning into our lives but we cannot predetermine our destiny.
We shape our world view by what we say read and do. That eventually determines our destiny. Meaning = identity = destination.
Destiny suggests the future is determined by God. Identity = meaning = destiny.
Would I want to get to know the author of our destiny? There is someone who wants to rob your destiny. Satan. He's out to steal your identity.

Moscow was always a dreaded destination. The Secret Police wanted to intimidate.
Every 79 seconds there is an identity theft in NA. Satan works even harder to steal your identity.
Identity is a core to the existence of God.

Moses wanted to know God's identity. God said I am. I am sent Moses to the Israelites.

David was 50 years old when he went through an identity crisis. He forgot he was king and did not go to war with his troops. He committed adultery and murdered his faithful personal guard.

Jesus' identity was established in his baptism.

Your destiny is always on hold until you settle your identity.

Jesus was tempted in the desert. Satan says "if you are" in trying to take his identity -that's how Satan always tempts. He never gives up accusing you of any failings you may have. But if your identity is clear he has no hold on you. Do you know the Book of God? My identity "is written"
David worshipped the idol of lust and lost his identity of "a man after God's own heart". That led him to a lot of heartache.

When you are tempted tell Satan: I am a son or daughter of the most High God. Then Satan can't win.

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