Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unlikely Hero; Dinner is on Me

Songs: Oh Praise Him He is holy. Alleluia

Pandamania VBS is happening this week. 120 Volunteers 200 kids. Come see what's happening on Thursday 7pm

I stand amazed in the presence Of Jesus the Nazarene oh how marvelous how wonderful
When with the ransomed in glory his face I at last shall see
Glorious see the risen Savior victorious and strong. My eyes have seen the glory of the throne. He stands above the rulers of the earth Look beyond the tombstone. (repeat until you fall over)

Neil children's story. We've seen David become a caveman. The story of Mephibosheth - David thought of his promise to take care of Jonathan's family. When Saul and Jonathan died, Mephibosheth's maid dropped him and he was crippled.

It's the song of the nations he reigns All God's children singing glory glory hallelujah
It's the song

Give thanks to the Lord Our God and King his love endures forever. Forever God is faithful. From the rising to the setting sun.

Gerry Goertzen author counselor:
Why Eastview? Soft seats. Gets their attention. Food. Dinner on me?

Food for thought. We've had a hero theme.
Shame is an almost insurmountable monster. Who saw my zipper? that type of embarrassment is not the same as shame.

Guilt -I did something wrong. Behavior.
Shame feels bad for who I am. Identity.
Martin Luther King grew up in an era of segregation. Based on Christian values he led a protest movement and was assassinated at age 39.
To be shamed is to be told you are of less value. You are a loser. Shame strips away self esteem.
It takes character to say shame shall not pass this way again.
It takes miraculous intervention I'm not all bad - am I?
When deep question stay unanswered. Sarcasm can impart shame.

It was expected that the new king would exterminate all remnants of the old regime. But David did not. Helped Jonathan's son.
Mephibosheth's name means - Shame unto you for you are crippled and your parents are dead. "No progress" was his servant.
God wants to promote the handicapped.
David had Meph on his ''bucket list"
Does God have a "bucket list" for you? Are they the same?
Meph called himself a dead dog. David accepted him unconditionally.
But Meph had to bow his knees and accept the gift of fellowship with the king. Do you know someone who is living in shame?
Meph was a hopeless shameful cripple taken into the splendor of the palace to look into the eyes of the king

It takes someone to seek the broken person and help him heal.
Meph was invited and responded to "dinner is on me". Has that happened to you - Me?

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