Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unlikely hero: Face Your Giant
Refresh Recommit Renew Marriage retreat Oct 21-23 Wilderness Edge

Henry Schmidt died yesterday. Pray for the family.

Tuesday night 7pm Rock the River training. Preparation for Spt 17 at The Forks.

Songs: Glorious - Look beyond the tombstone see the living God. My eyes have seen the glorious Lord.

You make everything glorious and I am yours. (repeat 100x for edification?) (music too loud)
God is the only ''thing" worthy of praise, long preachy prayer by song leader. Not even in Jesus' name.
God saves - In the name of the Father, Son, Spirit gathered together to lift up your name. Hear the loud noise of our offering. Mourning turns to songs of praise. We will rise with you lifted on your wings. There is hope in your name.

Children's story. Miss Andrea. How God changed David's life. He made good and bad choices. He felt sorry for what he did. The consequences did not go away. Pride was the problem. He felt so good about himself he forgot about God. BFFN Best friends for now. They give the best gifts. If I focus only on the gift from my best friend and forget about my best friend, that is pride.
David sent auditors to count his army of 1,300,000 soldiers -that took 9 months. Then he realized his foolishness. He asked God to forgive. But there were consequences. God gave him 3 choices: Famine, enemies, plague. The plague killed 70,000
Let's not forget God wants to be our best friend. All we have is from God.

Song: Our God- water turned into wine. There's no one else like you. Our God is awesome in power. If our God is with us then what can stand against us.
O praise Him he is Holy (repeat 100x) followed by another long prayer by song leader. Amen.

Pastor Del Enns
David the unlikely hero. Next Sunday it concludes w communion.
To get to know David, read the psalms - why am I discouraged? He had many roller coaster experiences. Ps 38 exhausted crushed
We are a meaning machine. I have an identify. Christ gives us a meaningful identity. And a worthy destiny. When David the shepherd boy he killed Goliath because he lived humbly in God's identity. Ps 34 exalt God together. Spirit of humility. Turned to body lust. He had never lost a battle and now he abused his power -no boundaries for him. The greatest battle was in his humanness - Lust. His heart was full of Pride. Pride caused David to stumble.
He took a census.
His family was not all together. Do yovh are hate in your circle of influence. Trash talk? Manipulation? Gossip? David lost control. He wanted his identity back. Looked to push himself up -pride. He dismissed his advisors. Spent 9 months counting soldiers without following the rules. God wanted them counted before Him where everyone would pay God a ransom.
David allowed his conscience to bother him. He had diagnosed correctly- ''I have sinned" Sorry was not enough.
How do we fit?
David asked God to punish him to stop the plague. On Mount Moriah the mountain of pride the same place where Abraham sacrificed his son. Where Solomon's temple was built later. He bought the oxen and the threshing floor. It cost him to worship God. Then he said; I know that my redeemer lives. That's what Christ has done for you. Now is the time to surrender your life to Him.

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