Sunday, January 08, 2012

One Heart Winnipeg

Winnipeg Churches annual joint worship service at MTS Centre. Celebrating One Lord One Church One Heart.

"Home of the Winnipeg Jets - Fuelled by Passion" -- what a smart business marketing ploy by Mark Chipmunk using government and media funds to get people enthusiastically putting money in his pocket!

Opening song: A City on our Knees! (good thing I brought my ear plugs) if you gotta start somewhere why not here?

60 churches coming together to celebrate. Pastor Delbert Enns chair.
Reading from Psalms. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.

This building sees sports teams worshipped every week! Now it is time the Lord gets worshipped here! Today is the day! You have made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will stand upon your truth. All my days I will live for you.
Praise is rising when we see You we find strength to face the day. Hosanna Come have your way among us. We welcome you here Lord Jesus (Repeat a million times)
God you reign Creation sings God you reign You hold my life You know my heart God you reign forever and ever hallelujah!
O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds you have made. How great you are! Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee How great you are! When I think that God his Son not sparring sent him to die. I bow in humble adoration How great you are!
Puppets 4 Him intro by 10 year old. So happy in Jesus. Me and God God in me so happy in Jesus.
Inner City Offering -toonies to help our neighbours in need.
Offeratory violin Oh Lord my God how great thou art.
Another puppet performance I'm livin on sonshine don't it feel good I feel alive

Switch gears - Ron MacLean (Gateway Church) married to Mary 33 years.
Proclaim the word!
You may live in Winnipeg if you drive 90 km in 2 feet of snow without flinching!
Jeremiah 29:7. God had not forgotten the exiles. Seek the welfare of the city of Babylon where I have sent you.
1. God is concerned about cities because there are so many people. God loves them.
2. God has placed you here. Sent you here to bless you here. The Sovereign Lord who counts the stars placed you here by divine appointment. No matter your situation God brought you here. Not a coincidence - it is God's will. Good acceptable and perfect.
3. Seek the welfare of the city - the health blessing and safety. All the people - God's heart has always been for the nations. Prayer is the 1st resort. In time of trouble.
In 1857 a preacher announced a prayer meeting. Soon 10,000 business men prayed one hour a day. Soon millions were converted. Brother Andrew started a prayer circle - within 7 years communism fell. When we rely on prayer we rely on what God can do. The power of God for salvation. Heralding gossiping the good news. Live it.
Working together in unity. There is one church in Winnipeg. We want our city blessed. The love of Jesus to every corner of the city.

Todd Petkau - Communion specifically for Christ's followers. Think of The Upper Room. 2 people preparing. Frantic chaotic. The Passover Meal the Seder- 15 steps. Jesus broke the order and washed the disciples feet. Then Jesus said the bread and wine represented him. They were shocked. "My blood poured out for you?" They did not understand until much later. The bond that binds us is Jesus.
Let him rock our world.
Worthy is the Lamb that sits on the throne that was slain. Holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. I will adore you.
Blessing and honour power holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty.
Filled with wonder awestruck wonder at the mention of your name.

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