Sunday, January 29, 2012

Riverwood - Depression?

What's with the depression angles? EastView is into a mind control theme. We've been listening to Dr Keller's messages on Ephesians. This morning we listened to his exposition of the 1st verses of chapter 3. I'll see if l can post that message here.
Now we are at Church by invitation from Joanne.
They started off with some drum numbers by the 5 drummergirls.

The theme today is The Darkest Hour.
Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his feet. For He is holy (repeat 100 times)

No one else is worthy of our praise. God we do not deserve what you lavish on us.

Lot's of opportunity at this church to participate. Financial university. Truth project etc. Saturday morning men's breakfast.

What does it look like getting stuck in depression? Fudge enjoyment? Give up? Stuck in bad habits & addictions? Eat purge? Change? Is life over?

Can you identify with that?
Hare you ever felt trapped? Struggled with mental health? Despair? Hope or hopelessness? Mental illness?
One thing - God is in the darkness. His followers experience darkness and despair. We are not immune to darkness.
Ps 88 David wrote about depression. My soul is full of trouble. In the darkest pit. I'm almost dead. Do the dead praise God? Why do You reject me? The darkness has become my closest friend.
Why is it so hard to feel God's presence? WW2 pilots needed light so they could land on the carrier. But the carrier could not turn on the lights for fear of attack. The pilots perished. Sometimes it feels like God has rejected us.
I do not know how long you will have to endure the darkness but God is in the darkness. Ps 39 if I have to go through hell on earth God is there.
Neither death nor demons can separated us from the love of Jesus. God is in the middle of your darkness.
Exodus 20:21 the Israelites ran away from an encounter with God. And Moses went into the thick darkness to meet God. That's where to draw near to God. The empty black hole. A professor lost his wife daughter and mother in one night. The quickest way to get to the sunlight is to go into the darkness. Tell someone about your darkness. Even in hell on earth God is there. Share your story.

Listen to Stephanie's story. My fog. Post partum depression is so common. To feel nothing. Talk to a counselor. Fight through it.

There are no easy answers to snap out of depression.
The acacia tree grows in the desert. It goes dormant and looks dead when there is no moisture. When the rain comes it comes back to life even after many years. God makes rivers in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
Walk into the darkness. We don't know how long it will take before sunrise. There are no easy answers.

Pray with someone today. The midst of the darkness is not without hope.

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