Friday, February 03, 2012

MissionFest Manitoba

Speaker: Wagdi Iskander
From north Sudan came to Canada knew only 2 English words. At a funeral he said: Sorry your father kicked the bucket

Grew up with a camel trader father. Memorized the Koran from cover to cover. Got sent to the city for more education and advised to burn the Christians before they burn you. Joined Muslim brotherhood at University. Found a friend who talked to him about Jesus. Beat him up. He invited a preacher to speak about the Bible. When the preacher had so many people coming to hear him they decided to kill one of the Christians. They went in to kill but they beat up the wrong guy. He survived.
The brotherhood confessed the beating. No one was punished.
When he got a job as an accountant his company put on a party where they served alcohol. He drank some without knowing what it was. Now he was unclean. When he went to the mosque he made the announcements. His cousin announced that he had been polluted. He got beaten up by 800 people in the mosque.
For 40 days he was not allowed to touch the Koran.
One of the co-workers invited him to a disco. Every 4o days he touched wine so he would not be able to go back to the mosque.
He had changed. When his Christian friend came to visit he was eager to hear about Jesus forgiving sins. "God asked me to ask you to come to Church"
He went. It was a prayer meeting. People asked for prayer that they might love those who mistreated them. He volunteered to help the Christians kill their oppressors. They said no, Jesus said love your enemies.
He thought they might be crazy. They lent him a Bible. He read it all night. He kept asking how an you practice this book?
He got invited to a revival meeting. After the meeting he was challenged to accept Christ. He said Never!
He got invited to visit a lady who was burned by the Muslims. She had forgiven her torturers.
Finally he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart and be his helper. When he opened his eyes he thought he would look like a Christian. Nothing changed. Except he had great peace. He got kicked out. Friend said are you better than Jesus? Welcome to Christianity. He got beat up. Arrested and beaten. Judge demanded they renounce Christianity. He and 2 other friends were sentenced to death. One each Friday. Each one said: Jesus! Here I come! before they died. When the next Friday came Libya attacked and the prisoners escaped. He ran to the burnt lady. She adopted him and changed his name.
PBI had a scholarship. Started churches in Calgary. Joined missions and 700 people were baptized in a few years. Many of them are now in prisons.
Got invited to baptize 2 sisters. They got badly beaten by their uncle. They said we are now true Christians.
Can you stand up and say "send me!"

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