Monday, February 06, 2012

David in Jerusalem

Missionfest Manitoba.
David & Karen Davis.
David was a successful actor. This Broadway career does not mean anything. Went to a recording studio on 41 st Street. A roomful of actors and singers were worshipping Jesus. He fell or his knees and accepfed Jesus. He knew he had come home.
Read Luke 15 and found the story of the father who ran to welcome his son home. He had a PhD in philosophy.
He felt God telling him to go to Jerusalem and there he saw them reading his Psalms. The Jews had come back from a 100 nations re-gathered.
A woman was healed of breast cancer.
Mother Jackson would take Karen to the Soul Saving Church of all Nations. They got married in the Jewish quarter of NYC with a fiddler on every roof.
We're all been adopted into the family of God. All different races worshipping Christ together.
In Jesus all nations become one new body. An Arab Christian had to pray that God would take away his hatred for the Jews. When Karen went to minister in an Arab church she had to pray for love.
We have Germans Jews and Arabs worshipping together.
A Christian prayed for Karen for 2 years then prayed with Karen to accept Jesus. The gentiles should call the Jews to Christ. The Crusaders killed every Jew along the way.
The persecuted church gets it - we need to help the Jews. Martin Luther preached against the Jews. Hitler quoted Luther. No wonder the Jews find it hard to accept Jesus.

We moved into an old building in Jerusalem. God watches over his Word. House of victory. The almond tree bloomed over night.
Jeremiah 31:8 from north and all over the world the Jews came from Russia. In the 1990s 100,000 Jews became Christians. God planted them back in Jerusalem. God prophesied it. That's how it will be. A great revival is coming to the middle east. We live in a generation that is seeing something that has never happened before. The Arabs want to go back to Jerusalem.
We don't convert anyone to Christianity we help them become fulfilled Jews.
Jews have been walking with Jesus. You pay a terrible price when Jews come to Jesus.
One new man. Jews and Gentiles come together. A mixed wedding.
Worship center on top of Mount Carmel. They now have Sudenese refugees in Isreal.
My prayer is that all will come to Jesus.
Song - Arise to more power love and grace. Draw near to the heart of God.

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