Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winnipeg Film Festival

Real to Reel Feb 21-26
A real opportunity to see a variety of films from around the world.

The first film we saw was The Marriage Retreat, a humorous attempt to teach 3 couples how to get along

What If - the story of an executive who gets stopped by an angel (Cliff from Cheers) and his life is turned around - good quality and good story.

We went to "Through a Glass Darkly" about CS Lewis a Grief Observed
It didn't seem to be about that so we left.

Lion of Judah animated kids movie looks good, but we decided to go to Life Gets Better and Better the story of a 69 year old Austrian widow who takes care of 5,000 Ugandan children and travels to Europe with a choir - plenty of tension and laughs. Just say yes to God and you will be blessed

Eschatology End times
Jerusalem Countdown based on a book by Haggie
Good action Film lots of shooting and wrecked cars. Pure Flix Entertainment

Ordinary Joe - a carpenter Vietnam medic Vet goes to Vietnam every year and brings money and other assistance to people there. His translator travels with him. He took 40 children to lunch for 4,000,000 Viet$
The Viet people love him because they know he cares. He goes to the same village every trip.

He meets all kinds of poor people gives them an aspirin and a few dollars and moves on. But it makes them very happy.

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