Sunday, February 05, 2012

Missionfest Saturday
Dr Hormoz Shariat
Born a fanatic Muslim studied engineering. Decided to read Koran objectively. But what is life? Get a house a bigger house the best job and the best funeral.
Started reading the Bible. Thought he could read it in a few days. Got stuck in Matthew. Who is Jesus? Went to a church asked the pastor a few questions and became a Christian when Jesus entered his life.
In every crisis God works.

Islam is the Greatest Political Challenge. A real threat. Muslims are taking over wherever they go. Ezekiel 38 says they will unite to fight Israel. Iranian Government is the greatest threat to the world. Their theology says if you have a bomb use it. That will hasten the coming of the Messiah.

God has given us power. Love is best antidote to the spirit of Islam. Kindness and love will defeat them.

Jesus is appearing to them and bringing them to faith.
If you don't reach out to them they will kill you.

Satan is holding them captive. If you question Islam you can be killed.

Many are crying out for salvation. 30 Muslims at a time are being converted. It used to be that a missionary could convert 10 Muslims in a lifetime.

In Islam honor killing is the law. That's an oppressive religion. God give me your heart for the lost. You can touch them with the love of God.

When one family member comes to Christ they all do. People are healed. People are brought back to life. Have you read your Bible?

They prayed for a dying man over the phone. 1/2 hour later they called back. Our friend is alive Jesus healed him.

Jesus is revealing himself to them. People are changed. Iran has more drug addictions than any other country. Jesus is healing their addictions.

Sound Mind. We have to be wise. Satellite TV is cost effective - it has become the national flower of Iran. The first paycheck went to buy a satellite dish. The family needs hope 1st food 2nd.

Iran is a blueprint for the failure of Islam. 33 years of Islamic rule. Islam is the Problem- the source of their misery. Iran has the fastest growing evangelical growth in the world.

Campus pastor says God is moving in Iran. What matters is that people are coming to Christ. God doesn't need me but he wants to use me to reach out to others. Doing nothing is not an option. Come back with stories of what God has done.

What crisis are you facing? Tonight could be your night. Pastor Mark.

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