Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st Sunday of Lent

4 years ago we were in NYC on Ash Wednesday. Many people spent the day with an ash spot on their foreheads. It was a big deal!

4 years ago today we spent the day in ICU hoping Renee's heart would not stop now. Del Enns Pastor:

The One: Part 2 The Passive or Controlling One

This is the 2nd sermon in this series.
1st message was on Jacob and his desire for the perfect wife. God desires us to have or craving for love. The perfect lover is Jesus.

Our needs can only be met by Jesus. Leah the ugly wife become the mother of Judah the ancestor of Jesus

God is capable of turning ugly things unto beauty.

During the era of the kings
1st Kings 21:25
How many men are aggressive at work and timid at home? How many women would like to control their husbands? How many wives would like their husbands to be the spiritual leader?
King Ahab was a strong man on the battlefield but followed his wife into evil. No self-control and weak on character. He beat 21 kings in a battle. But he failed to fulfil God's mandate in his life. His idol worshipping wife led him astray.
The lack of spiritual leadership in the home hurts our society.
When the prophet Elisha condemned him he went pouting home to his wife. His neighbour had a good vineyard. He wanted it for a vegetable garden. Why does the king worry about vegetables? When the owner refuses to sell it Ahab goes home and pouts. Jezebel the mother hen decides to solve the weak king's problem. None of us is free of guilt shame

Rom 5:6 Christ came and died for us. God sent his son for this moment. To give identity to those who have none. He gave himself so we con have life.
As you receive communion let God speak to you of his love.

I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave his all

Ahab and Jezebel. Men have a hard time admitting weaknesses- ladies can build them up. Speak words of encouragement and love.
If you have a type A personality pray that God will give you the space to let God change your partner. Men love your wives. Lead your family to Christ. Worship the only true God. Men: pray for strength to lead.
Ladies - pray for insight to allow your man to lead you.

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