Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vision Eastview: One Church Many Locations

188 Princess
What does it look like for us as a community to be deliberate about walking the path of discipleship?
To step into downtown and make a difference.
8 people on stage discussion
So many people do not have community. People who love and inspire us. In the inner city many programs exist that are supposed to be the magic bullet.
Tim - chaplain needs to help and care for the lost. Many are so lost that a map would not help them. They need someone to listen without judgement. There is a lot of gospel programming but that is discounted by the media. Those who participate in that find peace. For the prisoners it is literally life or death.
J P Now found God and trust & love. Eastview has made a big difference. Brought my son here so he could feel safe & secure. How big is facility downtown?
Joe Tanya this project is terrifying not knowing how to succeed. This is completely uncomfortable- we know this is where God wants us. What good is salt that has lost its flavour. God is already downtown. He is calling us to join Him there.
While some are helping the downtrodden are we debating thoeology? Or are we prepared to DO justice? We do not know what it will cost us.
We grow up in church and forget to go do heal. We've been blessed.
Alton how do you see this from a conference view point? It is a scary risk. Exciting. What if all the other churches wanted to do the same?
The mission God gave us is to make disciples. Those who participate in this will be changed.
Greg- the Spirit is speaking to us. We are full. Something overflowing gets messy. Are we sharing our fullness? Remand is a fluid community and many people want hope.
6o peple a day get released from prisons and there is no one there to help them into a positive community.
Can we follow Jesus and become the people of the Way? Something to do believing AND following Jesus.
God has given us opportunity - Come tonight to vole on this.
Soup 4 SOAR today.
Jesus is asking us to follow Him. An Adventure. We should be astonished and afraid.

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