Sunday, February 05, 2012

Riverwood Depression Continues

Sink holes and depression
Holes of worry and anxiety. There are 100s of causes of depression disappointment

1. The Voice of Scripture

2. The Voice of other church members
Will team up to help fight my deepest hour
Testimony of couple just married - and Steve fell into deep depression till he went to see the doctor. Still fighting the issues - but there is hope.

Godly Christ following people fall into cavernous depression - Jeremiah's name means exalted. For 20 years he preached and was ignored. He wrote Lamentations - God broke my bones and buried me in a dark place. My suffering is bitter beyond words. I grieve my losses. I wish I had never been born.

Jeremiah's voice
#1 Words for the Wind
Do you intend to reprove my words when the words of one in despair belong to the wind Job 6.26 God this is your fault. Let the wind blow those words away. Chew on gravel. God does not strike Jeremiah dead for what he said. Do not judge the people in pain.

He stumbles and says wait patiently.

#2 Words for the Rock Of his salvation.
The Lord lives Praise to my Rock - May God the Rock of my salvation be exalted 2 Sam 22:47

I will dare to hope in God. He will rescue me.
Armon's father dug for hours through the rubble of the earth quake.

Sue Courtney: as a nurse I made a mistake and my fear grew. It took control of my life and it paralyzed me. Became obsessive compulsive. It became irrational following the voices in my head. Only John knew. Finally went to a psychologist. The outside changed. A few years later decided to see a Christian Counselor. Got to understand the why but not what till John taught a class on the book of Romans. Finally God got-through.

Hope applications
1. No matter what is happening I'm always there for you. God is at work. It took her 10 years
2 There is great power in God's Word to us! Ask God: what are you saying?
3 God is our Jehovah Rophe He is our healer -seek professional help but God is our healer.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future! Jeremiah 29:11

God has great plans for us. He is our healer. God is our hope.

Peace! be still! you are near.

Noise! A bunch of lines repeated with roof raising noise is what they call worship? Ear plugs required!
They do this to induce an altered state of consciousness so they can feel closer to God. Too bad Jesus didn't have a P.A. system like that. Maybe the Pharisees would hive liked him better had they also felt closer to God.
God kill us now!

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