Sunday, February 05, 2012

Two Sides to Every Story

Jaron Mandryk Operation World
The symbol of the cross is where reconciliation happens. The church is
spreadirg the good news. Isreol now has more Jews than any other country
Islam does not equal Arabs.
The Middle east has millions of Christians. Since 1900 the % of people calling themselves Christions has gone down. Evangelicals are the fastest growing segment of population growth.
Jesus tells us- you will be my witnesses. (martyrs) The church is growing fastest where it is persecuted.

The Bright Side of Missions.
The glass is 1/2 full 1/2 empty or twice as big as necessary?
God is using the new church to reach the old world. SA Latinos relate well in Africa and Latin Europe.
Back to Jerusalem Vision comes from around the world bringing the gospel back to the middle east. Missions are partnering and creating multi-cultural teams. That is powerful witness. Lausanne 1974 has had a huge impact. Now churches are committed to Finish the Task. Only 416 major people groups left to reach out to.

Research mission & prayer are now converging. God is breaking through. Jesus commissioned us "As the Father sent me so send I you."

Welcome others into our homes. So they can be introduced to Christ.

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