Friday, March 02, 2012

MB MB Conference at NK MB

MB= Mennonite Brethren
MB= Manitoba
NK= North Kildonan

When we walked in we soon discovered an awful racked call to worship by an ego maniac who called his group the Unleashed Band. We walked out and waited for 50 minutes before that horrible noise stopped.

David Balzer hosted a story telling feature. One lady had got pregnant and got big so fast they thought she was having twins. It turned out she also had cancer. They had a serious prayer meeting and she was healed and delivered a healthy baby. She is now teaching Sunday School.

The most important job is to pray. Pray for pastors -Keith Poysti

The noise band did another Noise session they called Song of Reflection.

John Smed The Prayer Man. Started Grace Vancouver Church and Woodgreen Presbyterian Church and
Waiting in prayer is the Secret of Power

Waiting means
1. As we wait - We wait for God - they had just spent 40 days
Waiting is a fullness an expectation eager waiting - the apostles were charged up ready to tell the world - God said wait. Wait till you get the power
Waiting is Christian practice Augustine said as we wait we increase our capacity for God - more fullness for God.
If your life is longing for God you are waiting in prayer. It takes 25 minutes of prayer to feel God amongst us.

Spend time asking God to increase our capacity for God to be amongst us. Do not leave but wait- God has more in store if you wait. There is only one cardinal sin - impatience. That's what drove us out of paradise. Franz Kafka
Waiting is opening up to God to discover his Lordship. Pray the Lord of the harvest for more laborers. They will come if we pray. If you think you have to be at the centre of activity
In 1727 Count Zindendorf said we prayed and the Holy Spirit took control and that started a 100 year prayer meeting.

2. In waiting we obey
3. We wait for the promise of Spirit Power - the 10 day prayer meeting. Only a few weeks later Peter and John faced the same judges Jesus faced. A few weeks later 1000s of people accepted Christ.
Today the fastest growing religion in Canada is non- religion. No one has seen or heard how God hears and acts for those who wait for him.
4. We uncover the greater plan of God. Disciples asked are you going to establish right wing political power? There had been 1000 years of no evidence of the Spirit of God. All of a sudden each believer was filled with the Holy Spirit
5. As we wait we pray. It is finding out what God wants today. To uncover the resurrection power of God. Our prayers extend the bow string of God. Keep waiting on Him and the arrow will fly

Communion - the Lord's Table. Jesus came to suffer and die to pay for my sins and transgressions. Eat this bread and drink this cup in remembrance of Jesus' shed blood

The racket band came to play a few nice numbers during communion.
Jesus You stood before my failure. What could I say, what could I do, but to offer my heart to you?

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