Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plett Reunion 2012

What of the future?
It's been a severe pleasure to get together this weekend.
Psalm 78 we will tell our children about God's grace. Notice the links from the past and assurance for the future. David remembered the deliverance through the Red Sea.
The person who lives only for himself does not know his past or his future. What is ahead for us?
Death for sure - most of us here are from 30-49 years old. Most of us are over the hill. In 10 years the oldest cousins will be over 70 years old. Of the 79 grandchildren none have lost their spouses.
When we are on our deathbed will we wish we had one more cow? We are likely to say why did I not spend more time with my family and in prayer? What did uncles Walter Abe Ben say on their death beds? Holding fast to the faith.
Why are there so many happy marriages in our circle? Not by accident - our forefathers lived by faith in Prussia. Then 200 years ago the Kleinegemeinde started with a concern for piety. He noticed that the young girls of the community were becoming worldly.
Klaas Reimer said: God never intended for our elders to fight for land in St Petersburg.
He read and studied and loved the Bible. The Bible was kept in the center of their lives.
Grandpa read Psalm 121 before leaving on the journey to the new land.
In the boondocks of the Philippines the women are now singing because they are happy knowing the God of the Bible.
What if judgement, hell, heaven is real? Will we be ready?

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