Sunday, March 04, 2012

The One Ring! Believing in the ONE Watch this sermon on-line and tell me what I missed!

The music today was worth the trip. Music that leads to worship THE God who is worthy. Thanks Steve.
Choir: Amazing Grace - I once was lost but now I'm found. Grace has brought me here and it will lead me to my heavenly home. (grateful tears)

Lord of the Rings theme music
Series on Marriage and relationships -

In LOTR the king dies. He is OK with it. Regardless of the cost the people are willing to die because it is their calling to light to free their world.
How does that apply to marriage? God calls 2 people together to do what they could not do alone.
Abraham was promised God's care and nations of descendents. But by Gen 18 they are laughing at God. If we are not careful we can lose our purpose.
Money Sex and Power are the anti-trinity and they will let you down.

Drama: Couple living by default. Always promise too much. Words wear out. I can change and be new and improved. If you could why didn't you?

God is not asking us to live by default. Good house car kids. Turn to the one that can give us purpose. Nicole - husband and wife - submit to one another out of respect for Christ. Empty yourself. Die to yourself. To your expectations. Before they got married Nicole said: Dave - I have no expectations for you as a husband.

What is having a purpose as a couple? Look for a job? No, get to know God. Paul had accomplished so much but he said he regarded his accomplishments as loss for the priviledge of knowing God. Being deliberate in knowing God. In 18 years of marriage we have figured out how to do prayer and Bible reading. We figured it out when we each developed our own devotional habits. Decided to meet before bedtime to pray together. Waiting in prayer helped us stop and wait for God. God expands our capacity for ministry. Purpose.
Don't expect to do the Couple's devotional book together.
Had a messy job opportunity and wanted to say no but then they each heard from God to persevere through this job. It has not been easy. But they were together on this.
Be deliberate in finding God's purpose. He cares profoundly.

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