Friday, March 23, 2012

Joy - Care Group at Margarete's

Joy in spite of circumstances. She had car accident and almost got better then got broadsided again. Had a Christian therapist that helped to get over it - to not remember the pain.
What is joy? What does it look like? Happy peaceful feeling. It will be OK. Resting in God.
Oprah article. Martha Beck said: Happiness is being in a good exciting place, Lasting joy comes in peace and confidence.

Joy overflows from Christ in us. Even in the dark night of the soul.
What examples of joy do we have? Will the morning of joy ever come? Hang on - God is walking with us thru the night. God is in control.
Joy is to choose to trust. Focus on what to be thankful for. Cracks of light or flashes of joy can come in the night.
Be patient - do too much and the pain goes up. Splashes of Joy in the Cesspools of Life. Those happen even in the night. Each splash of joy helps to find the next. Often they come during tough times.
Don't wait for calm water recognize the nuggets when they come.

Choose to see where God is working. Focus on that. A baby's birth. Recognize that God is working to answer to provide a sense of His incredible love.
The glimpses of God's glory carry us though. We learn to trust Him more. Joy is knowledge.
Jeremiah: God knows the plans he has for you to do you good. God has those plans in place already.

How has God shown you his heart of love? An uncle in Paraguay with 10 kids killed himself. The youngest is 12 years old. She is devastated. There was no joy in his life. Funeral was today. How do you answer the questions? His sister is devastated.

We are God's children. Jesus is our life preserver. Let's pray for the family.
We are safe in God's hands. When we pray for someone we invite God's Holy Spirit into their lives.

We cry for the bereaved. Peace comes in pieces. An hour here and there.

Joy is difficult. Sometimes in pain we get a glimpse of joy. We don't understand why we have to go through the pain.

One day we will know why - in the meantime we trust that it's not for nothing.

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