Sunday, January 22, 2012

Transform: A New Heart On -line video
All that we have we give you now- God only one.
Teach as to trust you with our lives
Worthy is the lamb that was slain. Holy holy is He the Lord God Almighty.
Holy holy holy Lord God Almighty All the saints adore you.
Choir: Such love pure as the blinding snow paying my guilt and shame.
Dave Ens: with Teddy bear
Let's talk about our feelings. Mom's are looking for baby sitters.
Feelings spring from images. Cross=pain love sacrifice. Coffee mug: ?
We all need transformation -new neural networks. We can't do that of ourselves. We need God outside of us. A new foundation - God starts with our emotions. People have a huge range of emotions. Often our feelings make our decisions for us. We purchase impulse items. We often make decisions on feelings. Feelings are often bad decision makers. Feelings make us want more and more. People who are adicted to love will switch partners often. Good marriages must work it out.
When we are angry we see everything through angry filters. God wants to give us new lenses - love joy hope peace.
Eph 3:14-21 that Christ may dwell in your hearts in love. Agape love - seeking the best for others. The new lens disarms my feelings and creates healthy feelings. Seeking the best for others with no benefit to me. Christ does that.
Unless you have that love getting rooted in your heart you can't really change. Understand how big this love is.
Recognize your brokeness and find peace instead of failure.
Rom 5:1-5 justified by faith we have peace with God. No longer based on emotions but what God can do in me. Boast in my sufferings? Because of hope? God's love poured into our hearts.
God can do far more in our lives. Give a new reason for living.
End this service in prayer. Stay and pray as long as you need.

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