Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transform: A New Covenant

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Clap your hands while you sing
Blessed be the name of the Lord Every blessing you pour out I'll turn into praise
Oh Lord my God when I consider all the worlds your hands have made then sings my soul how great you are! When I think that you sent your son to die for me then sings my soul how great you are! When Christ will come to take me home then I will sing in humble adoration how great you are!
I'm coming back to the Heart of Worship It's all about You Jesus.
How Great is our God! Age to age he stands with a name above all Names Worthy of all praise

Dave Ens Jeremiah 31:31-34
Part 1 Transform. Formation happens to each of us. Go online to hear this sermon
Rom 7:15-25 I do not do what I want to do. Another law is at war - Who will rescue me? Jesus will.

How many of us have broken our New Year's resolution?
The brain registers repeated activity and lays down a neural network so that you can do it automatically without thinking. You can't smell the odor in your own house. Kids learning to ride a bike don't know the specifics of how they learn to ride. Once they know how to ride they'll never forget. The network is there. Learn to play the piano and you can do it therafter.
Evil networks are never forgotten either. Former Alcoholics are always only recovering because the bad network will always be there.
For true transformation we need someone outside of us to help us change.
Sean Quiggley Video testimony. There is something bigger than me. He experienced gradual transformation through going to church.
Dr Gerald May: no matter how much grace God has blessed us with we need his continuous flow.
Jer 31 - the days of the new Covenant are coming
All will know the Lord.
The law does not work. We need a new heart on the inside. New networks that Connect us to God. Let the peace Word of Christ dwell in your hearts through faith. That works. Let him invade your heart.
Memorize Scripture! The book of James. Beth Moore study.
May you be vigilant!

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