Saturday, January 26, 2013

Audrey Voth Memorial Service

Dave Ens
Paradox a mix of emotions as we remember Audrey. Her faith has become sight. We mourn. She left us too soon. She was loved. We face a mix of emotions.
Hosanna in the highest
Break my heart for what breaks yours
Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart
All is well whatever is His way all is well with my soul He is God in control I know I'm in His hands though seasons change we exalt His name
Audrey planned this service. Joy Klassen read the obituary. She was 57 years old.
It was good to walk with Audrey. She said I have had a good life. She grew up in Winkler. Then they moved to Winnipeg.
Audrey married Wes. He died young and she was a widow. Her dad helped her.
They started attending Breaside EMC Church. Ryan was a true gift from God. They spend many weeks camping with friends.
She loved gardening. She loved music. She worked as an accountant for many years.
Her life with Arnold brought her so much joy.
She had great compassion for children with cancer. She had an overwhelming sense of peace. Audrey means Noble strength. She way aptly named.
She wanted everyone to know that God is still in control.
Audrey's brother:
We kept in touch and were so grateful for Audrey's prayers.
It is well with my soul
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Rick Hiebert:
She was in our caregroup where we did a study of the fruit of the spirit. See the YouTube Video
There is wonderful joy ahead.
Dave Ens:
Her body was wasting away but her eyes radiated peace and joy.
Where do you place your hope and trust?
We often struggle to rearrange life. Our bodies don't go the way we want them to. Things fail us. There is only one hope that doesn't fade. What God hopes for us in the future doesn't fade.
The people Peter wrote to had lots of problems in this world. Peter's words tell us to have a living hope.
So much of our life fails but God's promises don't. When we walk through fire the flames will not hurt you.
Freedom comes from holding life loosely. Letting God's will to be what it is and trusting him anyway. God comes to be with us. Trust Him. Trust your family to God.
Wait for the Lord. Put your hope in God's love and goodness.
Steve Dave Sandy
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound I'll be there when the roll is called up yonder

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