Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Meeting House

Inside out
The inner coco
Tim Day lead pastor
Stress can lead us to do stuff creature desires
Eph 5.21
Submit to one another.husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church.
6.1,4 children obey your parents. Servants and masters treat each other with respect
Paul uses the concept of love triangles. You, the other person, and Jesus.
Jesus helps me see clearly. Jesus loves the other person. Route our perspectives through Jesus. Reframe the other person. Jesus' perspective helps us to see the value of the other person.
Love is the foundation for the ground floor of trust. Like respect invest in you. Show you like them. Love you if it changes I'll let you know. Respect. We had an agreement. You have a good point. As opposed to but but but
I want to do something to invest in you. Do it because they are important to you.
Trust is like a switch. Hope is on top. Uncertain
We live in hope. 1Cor.13 faith is another word for trust
Dr Blake Martin and Allison the experts for the series
Every organism wants to survive. The social skills help the group survive. Pass on our genetic material. Have babies. Attachment love involves oxytocin a brain chemical. Designed by God. People don't want to see all of us. We wear masks. And that leads to relationship failures. We put up walls. Bring Jesus in to reframe. The purpose of memory is to predict the future. We reencode memory and change it. Forgiveness changes your hope for the future. What you practice you get good at. Bad memories make it impossible to see the hope for the future. Trauma can be in all sorts of things.

We don't need 100 friends. Trauma can be so thick you need a professional to help create a sliver of trust with those who have wronged you. Affirm those who are willing to share their trauma.
Where is shame holding back my relationship?
What are first steps I can take?

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