Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is your next step? Live it out!

47 students attend MBCI.

MBCI is putting on The Sound of Music in the near future. Get your tickets now!

Musical Sunday with 50 students in choir, chamber choir, and 50 piece big band! Fabulous blessed music!
Love Everlasting with Grace abounding love overflowing for you and me!

Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Pastor Del Enns
MBCI is a blessing.
What is next? We just came through the advent season. Now what?

There is sin in our nature. We always want to fix things. Including the sin problem. We think we are morally good. Depression and anxiety are our biggest problem. 11,000,000 Canadians will go see a doctor or shrink this year to try to solve that problem.
There is hope in Jesus. He can solve that problem. He is greater than we are and when he comes in he wants to change you. When grace is extended to you pass it on to someone else. But you can't do that if you have not received the grace of God.

Crete was a pirate island. Paul started a church there. Titus worked there.

Saw Les Miserables recently. The bishop only had a few possessions. ValJean stole the silverware. Take the candlesticks and become an honest man. I redeem your soul for God. He goes to the original scene of crime and accepted the grace of God into his life.

Who am I and why have you brought us this far? John Newton found God after living a life of a slave trader.
The Lord has promised good to me God will be forever mine.

Epiphany. The grace of God appeared.

The Pirates of the Mediterranean became Christians when they were changed by the grace of God.

Deny ungodliness and evil desires. Disown them. Live sensibly with self control.

Are your passions controlling you? Live sensibly! Righteously. Do nothing from empty conceit.

Do you respect and honour others even if they are different?

People can't become good without the love of God. The more you get to know Christ the more you extend forward. Newton influenced Wilberforce to abolish slavery. Newton said just before he died. I am satisfied with the Lord's will.

We are on a mission with purpose. Are you satisfied that you understand your mission for God?

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