Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Am Sending You

Dr Timothy Keller

The risen Christ
Shows us the resurection
Sends us out
Gives us hope

1. Jesus shows- what the resurrection is like
physical -eats food
Ordinary -not shining or radiant a regular body In light of Daniel 12 the Jews would have thought they'd have to put on sunglasses. Can now go thru locked door. That is our future reality. Paul 2 Cor 5 says: the mortal swallowed by life fully clothed. Not less physical but more physical. Better senses. Is red like the sound of a trumpet? What if we had 1,000 senses? We are like cucumbers. The difference between our present cells and oar future cells is like the difference between an acorn and a forest.
v21 Jesus said I'm a missionary and so are you - redeem the world. Bring the kingdom of God. Absolute well being. The blind see-. Shalom
2. Christian mission is unique. Radically wholistic. We are ready to sacrifice to bring about Sri Lancan Christian says Christian faith
Joni Earikson Tada said you can't get this kind of salvation anywhere else. I will get a new spinal chord.
"If Jesus was coming back tomorrow I'd plant a tree - I want to hear it sing" Martin Luther
3. A sure and certain hope Peace be unto you! Shalom
Guaranteed hope.
If you got paid 15,000 for a tedius job or 15,000,000 your attitude to your job would be so much different.

If you really knew about the glorius future waiting for you, you would be charged up and able to face anything.

Jesus had wounds. Now the scars made the joy greater. the worst things that ever happened to you will turn upside down and become your great reward.

The law of Moses and everything else in the Bible is about Jesus. ''I'm the ultimate sacrifice." It's all about what Jesus has done. You can do anything through Jesus of the Scars

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