Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Vancouver Eastside Vineyard
Matthew 11 - Jesus the King became a man and died for us
Beautiful slide show in Memory of Renee
Next Friday ends Renee's Fast praying for Renee's legacy to continue.
A Fearless Inventory - the letters of Revelation
1. Laodicea - famous for wealth and self sufficiency
2. Jesus is the true and faithful the source of all creation
3. The problem: The church was lukewarm like the bad city water. They compromised what they believed. Wealth does not help. Western society is much like Laodicea with all the false security of wealth.
All of us are one step away from homeless.
We deceive ourselves with our perfect churches. So many are not authentic. Eastside Vineyard is.
4. Us? Solution? Buy true riches, white clothes, true eye salve
Repent- change your ways- Jesus said- I stand at the door and knock. Open the door and become family with Jesus to sit on the throne with Jesus.

Out of our heart came the deeds. The heart of your church in the context of the death of this beautiful young woman, Renee. What you have done for her you have done for Christ.

God wants us to go deeper with Him. Block out the voices of despair and condemnation.

Gord: Where did God meet you today? Holy Spirit- Come!

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