Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bergens in Kenya

Sold everything and moved to Africa.
God- what do you want me to do in Africa?
Demonstrate and preach forgiveness. It's not about painting something the wrong colour. When God's people forgive offences, miracles come easy.
A pastor in Kenya found eleven family members hacked and buried in a mass grave. People did not have enough to eat.
Paul said, let's be kind to others in the body of Christ. Give the enemy something to drink.
Prayed a prayer of blessings and forgiveness with those people. God exploded in their midst. They erupted with the Joy of the Lord. God moved soldiers in for their protection. the
rebels came out of the mountains and laid down their guns surrendering to the soldiers. God answered their prayers. Speak blessings on your enemies and God will bless you.
When did you decide to forgive your attackers? 16 years earlier when I cleaned house. I had asked God to give a heart of compassion.

Got attacked in the dark. Clubs and machettes started to hit me. I knew I would be killed. I prayed to Jesus. He lessened the pain. Got choked to unconsciousness. Got left for dead. 15 leg slashes. Not one serious cut. One blow could have cut a leg right off. the parts were all there. Jesus stepped in. Not one nerve or artery cut. Head cut open. Not all brain cells oozed out. When Eloise wanted to lift him into the car, his body floated right into the car seat.

During the ride to the hospital he kept quoting scripture. Asking God to open heaven's door. God did not answer that prayer.
They have 2000000 orphans someone has to help them.
The reporter said someone had invited him to a tent meeting and he had become a Christian.

Met those attackers in jail. The leader said he had been praying for forgiveness. Now that John was there they knew that God answers prayer. All 5 become Christians.
They are growing in the faith.

Just bought 3 more acres for another orphanage that can become self sustaining.

2 orphans lost their parents because they were from the wrong tribe. Aids makes orphans. There is no infra-structure out there.

A quarterback needs help to score a touchdown. I need blockers back home to destroy Satan's power. We can score touchdowns in 1000s of orphans.

My wife laughed at the devil because he was such a loser.

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