Sunday, February 07, 2010

Relational Blueprint: Developing Trust

Delbert Enns
Who said it? Read my lips. No new taxes.
Why do we get into non-sensible arguments? How do you respond to people that have failed the test of trust?
Trust is a form of faith. How often can you go back to people who have abused your trust? Are you willing to fall into the arms that failed you?
"Trust me" is not very reassuring.
At age 3 I played with older siblings jumping off a ladder. Ended up with a broken leg. It took a long time to sort out when to trust others again.
"Developing Trust on-line" trust has to do with comfort. I may trust the chef to make a good meal but not to be my financial advisor.

Trust Variables:
Integrity- do you share similar boundaries?
Change- are you willing to change?
Empathy- do you care? am I sensitive?
Trust- closeness or one-mind
One-ness united into one. Move into trust and faithfulness
How do you develop one- ness?

Ways you can learn to develop trust:
The need for Acceptance Song of Solomon 1:5-6
I am dark but beautiful. She accepted herself. She understood the way she was. She did not allow the baggage of the past to let her down.
The need for being Valuable. 2:1-2 she was self-aware. If someone values you it has a big difference
The need for Belonging 2:16a 2:10-12 Winter has passed. Trust is not one- sided. We want to belong to one another.
Next Sunday re-routing with love. Getting rid of bitterness.

God wanted a relationship with us. He gave us his son Jesus Christ to die for us. He wants a one-ness relationship with us.
Eph 1:3-4 All praise to God. God adopted us into his family through Jesus.

Food for thought!
The Bible recommends the practice of self-disclosure James 5:16
Forgiven sin should not be brought up again Ps 103:12 51:17 Heb 8:12
Concentrate on feelings of the present not the garbage of the past John 8:11
The practice of honesty is therapeutic 1Cor 2:3 2Cor 2-4

Trust grows out of a willingness of one person to become vulnerable enough to become known by another person. Sidney Jourard

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