Sunday, August 15, 2010

Discovery Church - Orange Ave Orlando

6:30 PM "Status" Youth Service very informal
Anne Alexander just got back from Cambodia. They spent time with rescued sex trafficked workers, took them to the beach, fed them seafood, and presented then with care letters from the people at discovery Church. It was incredible.
Got a letter back from them that was very encouraging.
Our team saw miraculous things and some very difficult things. Here we are so safe, to hear their stories is hard. A mother brought her 5 year old that had been rescued from the brothel. World Hope International works with this rescue effort.

Is anyone's life different because of meeting together here? Kyle talked about his friend who lost his dad 4 years ago. He had lost his job and quit going to church until Kyle invited him.

Pray that we would live out what God wants in us. We love you Lord.

Sack Improv Comedy Club. The first thing they teach you to do is to quit thinking. That's hard to do because of insecurity we always filter everything we say and do. Today we are talking about Pride.
the cure for Pride, is to do something crazy no one expects you to do.
The pious need nice robes to cover their nudity.
Pride is haughtiness arrogance highness swelling when applied to self.
God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. When we come to place of humility we allow God to sweep us in the direction of his grace and abundance. The beauty of the life he has planned for me. Relinquish ourselves to Christ. Sit with people and be honest share the truth of our brokeness. That gives freedom and beauty.
2 Cor 12 Keep from being conceited. There is a strange paradox with God. To become strong with God we yield to him in our weakness and brokeness. Our strength flows from the heart of God.
Uzziah become powerful and then decided he had the right to be a priest all by himself. That led to his downfall.
In January the speaker took on this ministry position and now recognizes that God is doing something bigger than him.
Don't forget the blessings of God who provides something big.
David said he had a slingshot and God. With that he defeated Goliath. God was his shield.
If you are feeling prideful try living a larger life. God created You for something bigger.
Become a Servant like Jesus. Jesus could have used his skills and knowledge to become a governor or Pharisee. Jesus spent his time with unskilled people and ministered to the outcasts and washed their feet of his followers.
Phil 2:3-11 Jesus sacrificed himself.
Jesus sat with an outcast woman and talked about true worship. No pretense
Stop trying so hard to please the world. Float with the grace of God
Stop trying to impress the world.
Allow God to lift you to new heights.
When death will be no more your bride will come together and all will be new
You make beautiful things.
Oh Christ be the center of our lives. You hold everything together.

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