Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Life of Joseph: Say what you Mean, Mean what you Say!

Children's story about Joseph keeping his promises was very well done. Each of the children got candies and a small bag of wheat.

Pastor Delbert Enns

The 235 DVBS children made blankets to be send to Africa. Pictures on-line.

What are you willing to do for ten million dollars? abandon family church give away their children?
What if you found a $10 bill what would you do? Give it away to someone as an act of kindness?

A young man called his employer anonymously asking if they needed an honest hard working man. The answer was no, they already have one.

Why should we believe in Jesus? Christ's followers: Say what you Mean, Mean what you Say!
People are walking away from Christ because so many Christians do not. Mean it speak it. People want authenticity and quality.
Integrity is not possible by living a man-made code of ethics. Joseph is proof of that.
4 spheres of life that overlap.
1. Personal
2. Family
3. Work place
4. Spiritual
Unless Jesus is in the center these 4 spheres will not come together.
Integrity is a word that comes from Latin- sine sera without wax.
Potipher trusted Joseph completely. The jailer trusted him.
3 attributes of Joseph s integrity
1. Joseph did not use others for his own advantage. The great depression gave Joseph the opportunity to take advantage of others. Do we enjoy seeing others fail? 600b$ Lehman Bros. bankruptcy gave the Media a big story.
2. Joseph acted with mercy and fairness. Did he? Bring me your money animals and land and he fed them. When the famine was over he gave them their land back and taxed them only 20%
3. Integrity won the respect of the people. They were happy to be Pharaoh's servants. Does your work place integrity give you respect?

I can't be like Joseph? Are you happy satisfied w your life? Ph 2:6 Jesus gave up divine privileges and died a criminal's death on the cross. God elevated Jesus to the highest level. Only Jesus can make you everything God wants you to be.
How do we finish our race well? Jesus gives a new lease on life. The life we have received is for us to give away. Only then will we find it.
Invite Jesus in.

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