Thursday, August 05, 2010

Global Leadership Summit: Jim Collins

Good is the enemy of Great
Why do some Companies move from Good to Great?
To be a Great Nation we must have great social systems.

But How Do The Mighty Fall? If it happens to others it can happen to us. Anyone can fall.
Sometimes an organization can be sick on the inside, but look strong on the outside.

5 stages of decline. Largely self inflicted.

1. Outrageous arrogance to neglect our calling. Just because we have good intentions does not mean we cannot make bad decisions.

Darwin Smith paper company CEO. No social skills. Made the company grow.

The Xerox CEO was magnetic. Inspiring. Never sought the role. An accidental CEO.

Southwest Airlines. Not a normal CEO. He was a weird one. When the going gets weird the weird become CEO. Why do they win? Commitment. Level 5 leader vs. Level 4

Humility makes the difference. That's the data. Do whatever it takes no matter the pain.

2. Overreaching -undisciplined pursuit of more. Packards law - too few good people. Are the seats filled with good people? Get the right people on the bus then figure out where to drive.

3. Culture of denial of risk and peril. Are your teams on the way up or on the way down. Where are you?

Admiral Stockdale "In Love And War". He never got depressed because he never wavered convinced that he would get out. The optimists did not survive. Never confuse faith and facts.

4. Grasping for salvation. Denied peril and they fell. Looking for a silver bullet. It is never a single event. Disciplined people taking disciplined action. Turn upon turn it is a leadership wheel. 5% better each year.

5. Capitulation. It is over. Out of choices and options.

18 visionary companies from 1989 are still going strong as independent companies. Why? They had a reason to endure. They knew why they existed. Driven by purpose beyond money.

4 people in Japan had a vision for quality and raising the living standards.

If we lose our values we lose everything. Consistency and change. Preserve the core and stimulate progress. Have a dream. Big hairy audacious goals.

10 To Dos

1. Do diagnostics www.JimCollins.COM

2. Count your blessings in a spreadsheet and make it at least 100.

3. Ask the right questions. Be interested.

4. How many of our key seats have good people in them?


6. In your next meeting create a list of of all the brutal facts.

7. How many people have a to do list? A STOP Do List is much more important.

8. Define results and milestones. Clicks on the flywheel

9. Double your reach to young people.

10. Have Big hairy audatious goals.

Peter Drucker wrote most of his books after age 85

So never capitulate. Never give in. You will have setbacks. Build a great business. Create your own future. Form alliances. Never give up on your Core Values.

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