Sunday, April 03, 2011

Practical Atheist: Get it Right Community Church
Jesus Messiah Name above all Names Blessed Redeemer Emmanuel. The Ransom from Heaven - Lord of All. LOVE so amazing
In Christ alone my Hope is found. Here in the LOVE of Christ live. No guilt in life, no fear death. Jesus commands my destiny.
Great is Your faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed your hand has provided. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.
When life throws us a curve ball your faithfulness is all we can hang on to.

Pastor Delbert:
How much nitpicking can I tolerate? What if I'm the nitpicker?

If you have the gumption to name the answers then do the work.

Mark ch 9 It was wonderful on top of the mountain. In the valley 9 disciples are arguing with the lawyers. A boy needs healing but they forgot to pray.

The father had faith but wanted help with overcoming unbelief. Some things in life do not have answers- some things are not meant to change in the valley. When that happens - how do we respond? Often by criticism. Seldom if ever does it work. We become critical over time. Become old cranks. "offer my help"
How can we actually help?

When Jesus came into the valley he did the healing. Some of his disciples thought they were part of the VIP Club. v34 -who is the greatest?
When we get criticized we tramp on others
Ambition can't be satisfied with criticism.
v37 anyone who welcomes a child (servant)welcomes me, Jesus said.
Become a servant is the antidote to criticism. Get going get it right.
v38 we saw someone not in our club working in Jesus' name. They stopped him
v4o Jesus said: anyone not against us is for us. Don't stop others to elevate yourself.

Thank you to everyone who hangs in, serves church, community, spouse.

Keep saying thanksI. God will reward. Thank you goes a long way to encourage.

Learn to eliminate criticism. Pursue a life of harmony. If you cause someone else to stumble -change. Preserve. Do not destroy. Have the quality of salt in your life. Determine never to criticize on Sunday. That will change your life and your community. Make it safe.

Challenge: Col 4:6 put a moratorium on criticism.
Let your conversation be gracious and attractive.

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