Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steve Bell Concert with WSO

Kin.dness Tour. Centennial Concert hall was about 75% full.

His songs included:
Stubble and Hay with Gerry Atwell.

Steve is a wonderful entertainer with a terrific sense of humour. Andrewpause = male menopause (why not womenpause?)

Sitting outside the friend's cabin, no distractions no internet - the music came: One Summer Night

Here with my Lord who so gently restores.

His music is so comfortable that it's easy to fall asleep. Except that the audience keeps clapping. How did the French musicians on the band do against the English?

St Francis of Assisi gave up his wealth to love and help everyone. He wrote music and danced - a bit of a nut case? Child Of Eternity.
Steve's music rolls like the ocean.

Absalom - story of David. David was a good man but he had lots of issues. When Absalom died David

Alanis helped with the title song-
Kin.dness is - deeply internalized kinship?
When my Son comes for supper I feed him because his my boy.
Christ has no body here on earth but ours. Ours are the feet on which he moves. By what we do Jesus is living here. Let us go now with kindness.

The next number was so loud I couldn't hear any words. Should have brought ear plugs.

-------- Intermission
One year ago we had my birthday party here.
With the full Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - some 60 musicians.

Deep Calls to Deep becomes a stirring rendition that can't be experienced any other way.

Steve can be so relaxed. So much interesting commentary.
This Song came from a 3 day silent retreat at St Benedicts monastery. Holy Holy is the God of Power and might. Hosanna in the highest Sing-along

Notice l changed my shirt? I've never done that before. Always wanted to. I was here 4o years ago when Liberace did that.

Waiting for Aiden a musical piece with no lyrics. It's been sitting around fir a long time waiting for lyrics. Steve's Manager's son, has 10 fingers and 10 toes. When Aiden was born the manager gave the music the title and told Steve it was complete.

Tim Plett is helping with the vocals. The guitar was giving him trouble today. Had to keep adjusting it. Must be a bad set of strings.

Jesus remember me when your kingdom comes.

Easter - a King came to love the marginalized. This song came and flattened me.
The Son Of God came to wash another's feet. May they understand the love that changes everything. This is love.

This is the end of the tour with the band - terrific people to work with.

A morning like this - Mary rose from her bed to tend the Lord who was dead. An angel was there. ''He is risen" Rejoice. Over and over - he is risen hallelujah.

Ovation -

When your heart is in despair He will know
When your day is filled with fears He is near.
When the world leaves you behind is unkind - he will know.

Praise the Father Praise the Son the Spirit. Praise His Name forever.
He is the one to whom you belong who in your weakness has made you strong.

Feelin groovy - it's been a long time since I heard that song!

I wish they'd sell CDs of the concert right after the concert. I'd sure buy several

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