Sunday, April 10, 2011

Practical Atheist: I Want a Good Life!
SOAR heartland was a Spring Break outreach to Winnipeg's Inner City. Come to Eastview on May 1 and hear the kids share.

Good Song: Jesus Messiah name above all names. Lord of all. Love so amazing.
How deep the Father's Love for us that he should give his only Son! How great the pain of searing loss! The father turns his face away. I will boast in Jesus Christ, His wounds have paid my ransom.

Very LOUD offering "entertainment" song

Pastor Delbert: God is good everything he has made is glorious! You are made glorious in His image. You have a choice to feel that way. Sometimes we feel like just going into autopilot. We can make ourselves believe anything we want to. There is a whole range of masks available. Which one are you going to use today or will you be genuine. Kind or ugly? Faith or depression? Maryanne and I have agreed to let the irksome things go. Things will change in a moment. Some choices are from our selfish nature.

Jesus pushes the boundaries of his disciples. Why do you want to follow me? The true test of faith is what Jesus can do for me. Jesus is a great caregiver.
Mark 10 Who is the greatest? Salt quality - live in peace with each other. You will be tested on the grounds of living in peace with one another. Check your heart. Modify your lifestyle. Jesus is not just a great teacher. He wants to change your life. Reflect on the love of Jesus. I have messed up but Jesus loves me anyway.
10:13 Jesus blessed the children. He got angry. The disciples had tried to stop them. They were misguided. Jesus straightened them out. Childlike faith is simple, teachable, obedient. You can't reach your own heart but Jesus can. Children want to learn.

Video: Of the rich young man - he heard Jesus then Peter ran after him to try to convince him to obey Jesus. He left, not willing to give up his treasures and his Jaguar.

We know how to ask the right questions but are often unwilling to give up earthly values. It's who you know and trust. Everything is possible with God. Your idol could be any one of a number of things.
Pray: I choose to abandon myself. Everything is possible with God. God chose to love us.

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