Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carlene's Funeral

Packed Transcona United church.
She was a very happy 19 year old blond that laughed a lot. She loved. We will all miss her.
If you had said a week ago that I would experience the greatest pain ever, I would not have believed it. My life is diminished without Carlene in it.
I will tell my children I love them. I am Charlene's cool uncle.
Parents, my heart bleeds for you. I can't take away your pain.
Remember me
Carlene if I had a magic Penney.
God speed
The soul afraid of dying will never learn to live
She did not leave a room without everyone knowing her.
She was full of energy. She played ball with the guys. She loved animals.
She recently volunteered with Feed My Lambs.
She explored new experiences. She sang in church.
Life is difficult. God's love holds us. He loves each of us.
Death is a horizon. When we get there we find a new horizon.
Cindy Don Carl Corinne parents

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