Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Missions
3 church youth teams went on mission trips this summer.
One MB Action team went to Thailand a Buddhist Country. Cory Bell leader
Sawadika Thai hello song. They sang it with the Burmese Christians in northern Thailand.
Mingalaba Burmese version
Budabay Brazilian hug kiss song
Another team went to Brazil.
I can set light that is coming oh no never let go through the storm
Take my life and let be Consecrated Lord to you. Take my hands and let the move for you. My feet - swift and beautiful for you. Take my voice to sing your praise.
Samantha Garbacki Thai Team Thais build relationships first before they do anything
Neufeld Brazil Team. 6 weeks. Not all fun but good.
Kyle- media team. Being in the field is a risk but a small thing in God's big plan.
Song: Where you go I'll go. I will follow you. In you there is life everlasting. Whom you love I will love.
In the quiet in the stillness I know you are God and when you call I won't refuse. My delight is in you Lord. There is no one else for me - Jesus crucified to set me free.

Kristin Pauls: Media Team using my gifts
Acksanna Bell. Thailand gave up preparation for school to help. Being obedient. Built a deck for a lady whose house was in a swamp.

David- Brazil team.
Met Genio in Sao Paulo now a pastor. Had a good life and got called to seminary. Quit his job and lost his girlfriend. Almost in seminary when he was invited to join a professional soccer team. That was hard. Now in a 120 member on-fire church.
Aaron took a risk in Thailand. Telling God's story was hard. Generously Bold in my faith to nourish others
Jody - Thailand. Risk. Had to miss family events to follow God.
Cory we risked when we sent money to Dave & Louise. 30 people come to Christ this summer.

Sam baptisms. Lighthouse church in Thailand. Genuine worship there. Drove 3 hrs to the ocean for the baptism. The joy of the Lord was there. They had a dance line while going into the ocean for baptism. What did it cost the Thais? A day of work 1 day of food. Betal church led by Nat a young woman.
At the end of Action to come home to routine is a risk. Will I be bold to step out of my comfort zone?
To sit down and share my life seems like to big of a thing. How can I do that?
Please continue to pray for the youth of this church. Learn to give God the glory.
Be bold and risk for God. Coming home is where real missions begin.

Dave Ens: Risky generosity - when you step out to serve a generous God. What does that look like? May God bless us as we bring glory to God.

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