Sunday, October 23, 2011

Risk IT! Grace In a Merciless World.

Annual Meeting tonight.

Song! You lived you died you opened the way for the world to live again. Hallelujah for all you've done.
Mighty to Save. Everyone needs Compassion. Forgiveness. Jesus conquered the grave. Savior he can move the mountains
Tithes and offerings.
Oh Lord you made me wonderful as you knit me together in my mother's womb.
Our God is greater awesome in power.
'Twas grace that taught me unending love amazing grace. My chains are gone I've been set free. My God my Savior has ransomed me.
Your grace is sufficient for me. All that I cling to I lay at Your feet. Your strength is made perfect when I am weak.

Message by Elton DaSilva Exec Dir MB Conference of MB churches.

Beautiful day. Born in Belay Brazil. One of the hottest cities on earth. Now in Winnipeg one of the Coldest. God has a sense of humour.
Grace is so big. The Core of Christianity. If we miss it we missed the core. Grace is counterintuitive to humans
Acts 9:1-19 Luke. God models grace. He asks us to model grace. God put his hands on Saul when he was persecuting Christians.
Luke 10:30-35 the Samaritan took care of a stronger.
Risk it acrostic
Recognizes undeserving individual. Jesus rescued Saul. He could have struck him dead. We are here today for the grace of God. You can read the Bible upside down but we are saved by grace.
We always want to outdo each other and get even. Take a risk On grace. Show it.
Interrupts - our plans. God interrupted Saul's plans. We are always busy on our way - He interrupts. The Samaritan allowed God to interrupt so grace can be shown.
Stirs our hearts. Jesus showed compassion to Saul. The Samaritan had compassion. He felt the pain. The churches now serve breakfast in school. Compassion. You can't just walk by.
Kindness is messy. The man was hurt. Mix blood dirt oil and wine on this naked man and put him in your car you get messy. God gets involved in messes. God calls you to help messy people.
Inconveniences us. The Samaritan got Off his donkey to help. Get out of your Comfort Zone and comfort others. Get off your donkey. (your ass) It's so easy to say it's not my problem.
Transformation takes time. We don't know where the story goes from here. God writes the end of the story. Tell God "Use me to walk in the story."

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