Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living Waters Dessert Night

At Holy Eucharist Hall 460 Munroe
Decorations are included in the rentals.

We sat with missionary Pete Friesen. Long informational conversation.

Tye Gamie re sexual orientation. We ask the tough difficult questions. Take Living Waters' stones and pray for us. It takes courage and inner strength for people to leave the sinful lifestyle.
National office in Vancouver.
Tye & Nancy went to India recently to start a ministry there.

Asst national director -Daniel - welcome the Jets to Winnipeg.

Living Waters is a tough ministry. Sexual relational brokeness issues are messy and difficult. Grew up in Calgary. Japanese. Very role oriented. No physical affection or affirmation. A Japanese man loved his wife so much that he almost told her.
Brother died when 12, Just shut off all emotions. Who am I? A month later he got introduced to pornography. Become a drug user. Got sick of that. Went to Bible School. Had a desire to change. L W gave me a safe space to get in touch with my emotions. Got a transformed view of God.

Time to raise funds for the ministry. Everyone on staff has to raise their own support. Here to support LW Winnipeg. $100 Sounds cheap. $10 a month is almost nothing but it's what sustains the ministry.
Life is now worth living. I am loveable and not alone. God sees me as good and holy. All He is asking is for us to come to Him.

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