Sunday, October 02, 2011

Risk IT! Compassion Beyond Measure

Risk IT! Compassion Beyond Measure - Dave Ens

Behold He comes Riding on the clouds Shining the like the sun Out of Zion's hill salvation comes.

MCC helps Africans build dams to help them grow their own food. Mac & Cheese lunch after church today.
School breakfast program. Pastor Greg Armstrong started it at Hempstead school. 47,000 meals were served last year.

My Savior Redeemer you came near lifted me

Lord you never let go of me. Through the calm and through the storm.

Skit: Are we over newsed? 30,000 people dying on the other side of the world. Can we carry the tragedies? Can we care enough? Does it bother us that it doesn't bother us?

Mourning turns to songs of praise? We will rise with you lifted on your wings. There is hope in your name.

Ramsy Unruh, our first music pastor, passed away on Thursday. Shannon and 3 kids and friends are left to mourn his passing.

Come thou fount of every blessing. Tune my heart to ping thy praise.

Pastor Dave:
Friend asked for a ride to the airport wanted a ride to the airport from Brandon to Winnipeg. After a struggle he agreed to pick him up in Brandon.

Compassion can be very hard. Uncomfortable. Jesus raised that bar. Acts 2:46-47 the early church had wonderful community. Acts 3 the beggar asked for money. Peter healed him up in the name of Jesus. The early church had compassion changing people's lives.
Shmah Jewish - listen. Love the Lord Deut 6 The shmah is the 1st thing Jewish kids memorize. Wear them. Recite them. Write them on your walls. This is the heart of becoming a mature follower of God. Jesus added something to this. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is what makes you more like God.
Is compassion an interruption for you? Some people are being so religious but without compassion they are incomplete. Compassion changes people's lives. It involves risk. Do I risk giving the bigger money? The table is a huge risk. In Jesus day He sat with all the wrong people. The religious people were very condemning.
Jesus sets the table for us. Because of Gad's compassion. When you sit at the table it changes the dynamics. Scott Knight: "we don't know what to do."
Jesus goes to the fringes and invites us to the table. How would the world change if we cared? We can observe tragedy but if we don't act nothing changes.
Go and do what Jesus did. Sit with compassionate hearts and eyes wide open.

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