Sunday, September 16, 2012

Made for more! Community with purpose
Wednesday is Colers of Hope study
We will sing sing sing and make music with the heavens
Jesus our hope living for all who wish to see. In history you lived and died. We believe. you are the light living for all the world to see.
Jesus Messiah became sin for those who knew no sin. All our hope is in you.
Holy holy holy is the Lord  God Almighty of all
I will  adore you.
In Christ alone my hope is found here in the love of Christ I stand. Here in the death of Christ I live bought with the precious blood of Christ.
Delbert Enns pastor
Potatoes. You are part of a sack of potatoes. We will do something with them yet. God has a plan for you. We are all different. We live community.
I grew up in Paraguay. People got  tortured. That's why I moved to Canada.
Che was a reformer and people followed him. I met the greatest reformer ever. Jesus is the soul reformer. I'm passionate about that.
He is the one who brings hope to every human being. Spent 20 years in media. Social reform comes through belief in Christ. His church is his conduit for change. Be witnesses all over the world. Acts: the believers listened to the apostles and each day more people were added to the church. By 300 A.D. 25,000,000 people were living the Christian life. Give me your heart, God says. It took 10 years to become fully committed to ministry. We don't have it all together and that's why we need community. I did it my way is the national anthem you don't need to rise for. That's our culture. Do it your own way. We honor those who are self made people. That is not God's intent. You are made for community. Transformational community.
Social change happens when we
Walk together in faith and let your living show it. Spill it out. Walk and talk together. Listen to someone's heart. Don't walk alone.  Geese fly in formation so they fly 71% further. That's community.
We invited the neighbors kids and they accepted  Christ and then the mother decided to come too.
We are Eastview COMMUNITY church. Let's be community NOW! Be part of a small group. Mingle invite someone for lunch coffee supper. Live out the love so others will feel it. Start with love.

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