Sunday, September 09, 2012

Made for more! God's Vision for Community

Holy is the name of the Lord
You meant it for evil but God
But God demonstrates his love
Leaning on the everlasting arms
O how height the path
Safe and secure
What have I to dread
You are good when there's nothing good in me
You are peace when fear is crippling
You are God in control
I'm running to your arms
The riches of your love will always be enough
Nothing compares to your embrace
My heart will sing no other name
My saviour lives my saviour loves

Pastor Del Enns
God is always there for me
This is the beginning of the new church year
Don't miss the next few Sundays
You care about the people around you. what you hear today will impact the test of your life
1. No one will last forever. You are not the energizer bunny. There is only one life. You May be overwhelmed.
2. Practice for eternity
We were created for God's pleasure. Get along with everyone.
Worship God
Serve him living out the purpose God has for you. Can we imagine being part of a sack of potatoes. You are made for so much more! Remember Mr Potatoe Head born in 1952 as small parts in cereal boxes.
What would artists do if they tried to make it represent you? What can you do with a potatoe? You were created for a lot more.
What are you doing here ?

Thinking. What does that mean? God created us for community. Marriage and church are created by God.
All of you together are Christ's body.
We cannot fulfil God's purpose for us alone. We belong  to each other. Reach out and touch someone. Choose to love each day starting NOW!
How? Learn to hangout, eating together. Talk to someone.
Have food together. Start now. Invite someone for lunch TODAY. Longing to be together is important.
Join together with others. Join a Caregroup.
We have hundreds of volunteers in this church. Are we ready to embrace more community? Pastoral care needs to be enlarged. Let love be your highest goal. He has given so much for you.
Let's get going and connect.
All staff to the pastor's house for lunch today!

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