Sunday, September 23, 2012

Made for More: Reaching Out Together
188 Princess Street our downtown campus will host Police and pastors prayer meeting once a month.
Next Sunday is dine together Sunday. Please take some potatoes with you for that meal.
Songs today

Dave Ens:
There must be a reason why we have come together as a community.
1. John 17 the high priestly prayer. As I was sent do send I you. That's at the heart of what it means to be a church. We are sent to show the world who God is. We are ambassadors, representatives for our home country. To reflect who God is.
How did Jesus see people? Not like everyone else. In the midst of a crowd he saw the woman who wanted to be healed.
Why is that so hard for us? We think that we should be out there attracting people, trying to convert them. We say look at us. Jesus saw them and had compassion for them. Mission springs from passion, the bowels, the gut. Jesus said I can heal that.
When we experience something good we have to tell someone. Jesus showed God. Conviction comes from experience. He loved us enough to know he had to become like us to reach us. We may not be that  interested in seeing like Jesus saw.
If we lack conviction we will be 1/2 hearted. We need to see ourselves the way Jesus sees us. Behold how much love the Father has gifted us to make us children of God. We will see him as He is. We have been MADE sons and daughters of God. God's love makes us his children. You are his child or not. There is no half way. No maybe.
Mennonites have a hard work ethic. You are born you work and you die. You can have your coffee break after you die.
In pagan culture had the idea that the gods made humans so they could do the work the gods didn't want to do.
To all who received Him he made children of God. When you are adopted you have the same rights as the rest of the family. As children you have the same rights as Jesus. Access to everything the maker of heaven and earth has. My child has more access to me than my spouse. Your father responds to your needs. No matter what. A son would be raised by a nanny and then learn the trade from his father. Observing. Working alongside daddy. Following His agenda. Listen to Him and follow His agenda. Then we will see God as he is.
I can't not share the good news with you my neighbor. I'm imitating my Father. As we work alongside God we become like him. What is your conviction? What is in your bowels?
God saw what we needed and he gave us the symbols of HIS LOVE. His blood His life. May it bless us as we eat and drink in remembrance.

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. It makes me white as snow.

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