Sunday, September 02, 2012

The New Normal
When God's standard becomes my own
1 Peter 1:16
Matthew 7
Great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me
Every one struggles with prayer. Why is it easy to spend hours watching tv? So hard to pray? It is a battle. We need to be a church in prayer. A new building is great but without prayer we are dead.
1. Never  stop asking. What is prayer? Matthew 7:7 persistent and expectant pleading to God. Never give up. Please? Please! That's how it starts? Lost cause? That's how prayer slips away. Knocking is persistency. Without you Lord I'm done.
Don't give up. It matters. Start pounding on the doors of heaven. Prayer for a lost son was answered this week. Pound on the door of heaven. Expect answers. It is not an empty door. Call and God will answer. The Lord is near. He is there. Listen to God. Prayer is an urgent matter. It is s lifeline.
2. God never stops giving.
If your son asks for bread you give it to him. We are evil, apart from the will of God, and we give good things. The perfect God gives perfectly.
Praise the Lord. Prayer doesn't change God? Not his nature. But God changes his actions in answer to our prayers.
Not every prayer is answered. Sometimes there is silence. Pray according to God's will. Ask for bread and fish. When kids ask for the wrong thing will they get it?. A stone? A snake? No way! I give you good things. What you need.
Pray for holiness. Pray for God's glory. Growth  dependence sanctification mystery
V11 God gives what's best for you. When the pain is so deep, sickness, etc. Is that good? I can't tell you why that  is good. Jesus's prayer was not answered. He knows what unanswered is like. We are here today because of the unanswered prayers of Jesus.
God I look to you know just what to do. I will love you Lord my strength. Hallelujah our God reigns forever all my days.

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