Monday, November 07, 2005

Renee is back on chemo

Renee is back on chemo. It started last week Monday when she was perfectly healthy. She enjoyed the company of her friends Teresa and Audrey. Martha took them all to the "Hairspray" comedy on Broadway on Friday. On Saturday Renee and Audrey went to "Little Italy" for the day. I'm sure they must have had the best cheesecake in the world at La Bella Ferrara Pasticceria. It's worth the trip.

Sunday they went to Trinity Baptist Church. The senior pastor preached a good preach. Later they enjoyed Central Park again.

Today Renee had enough energy to make the 15-minute walk (8 minutes for me) to and from the hospital for more chemo. They gave her antihistamines to control the nausea. That tends to put her asleep. Tomorrow morning at 8 she gets more chemo. Her ANC was down to 0.1 and that makes her neutrapenic, meaning she can't eat raw vegetables or anything else with germs on it and very susceptable to infections. Tomorrow she'll need to get platelets and red cells again. Pray that she will remain free of infections and she'll be able to recover at home.

This will happen again on Wednesday, the last of this series of chemo. After she gets perfectly healthy they will do this 2-week chemo routine again. They will NOT do a transplant at this point because she has a 50% chance that she will be cured for life.

Alayna, Karalee, and I have had some quality time at home. Church on Sunday, a hurried lunch, and Alayna was off to Youth Parliament Cabinet Meeting. I picked Justin up so he could catch a ride with grandma, grandpa, and Auntie Rose to the Peter Pan performance at SBC. Karalee and I had seen it Saturday night. Justin is still looking for that job that suits him. I offered him the opportunity to apprentice with the hair stylists in Arborg, but he wants to think about that some more.

Alayna, Karalee, and I are booked to fly to NYC on Friday. Alayna will return Sunday, and Karalee on Monday at 4:35 pm on AC259. Do we have a volunteer to pick her up at the airport and take her to her class at MTYP at the Forks? Alayna is in class at U of W. She could pick her up at MTYP and take her home after the class. I am booked to arrive home Wednesday at 3:50 pm.

Thanks again for your prayers, concern, and support. We appreciate every prayer, email, phone call, and expression of support.

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