Saturday, November 19, 2005

Renee is getting stuck again

Renee does not have the central line any more. She has NOT been on chemo for 10 days. The IV nurse came in again to restart her IVs. One had been in too long and the other one wasn't working any more. Now she has 2 IVs in her right arm. She says psychologically a central line makes her feel more sick. She needs IV lines for the various meds she is on.

The next 3 chemos are going to be much easier. Recovery should be pretty quick.

Renee is feeling well, her counts are coming up, and she'd like to get out of this room with 4 walls and a view of the next building. We watched 2 of the Monty Python movies. You didn't miss much.

The Harry Potter craze is on again. Alayna and Kara think they have to go see this one right now. What do the rest of you think? Does anyone out there have the guts to say something negative about Harry Potter?

I was in North Carolina yesterday on a business day trip. Change of scenery. Visit a potential customer.

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