Monday, November 14, 2005

Two Little Children

Here is a song my uncle John taught me when I was little:

Two little children, a boy and a girl
sat by an old church door
the little girl's feet were as brown as the curls
that fell on her dress that she wore

the little boy's coat was all tattered and torn
and tears shone in his eyes
"Why don't you go home to your mother?" I said.
And this was the maiden's reply:

"Mother's in heaven they took her away
she left Jim and me all alone
we come here to sleep at the close of the day
'cause we have no mama or home

Father got lost on the sea long ago
we waited all night on the shore
for he was a life saving captain, you know,
but he never came back anymore.

Mother got sick, angels took her away
she went to that home fair and bright
'They'll come for my darlings,' she told us, 'someday.'
and perhaps they'll call us tonight."

The saxton came early to ring the church bells
he found them beneath the snow white
the angels made room for two orphans to dwell
in heaven with mother that night.


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