Saturday, November 12, 2005

We made it!

We got to the airport at 5:10 am but the 5:50 flight was full with 12 standbys. They put the girls on standby for the 7am flight and gave me a boarding pass for the 9am Executive Class to Montreal, and then we went to the Executive Lounge to wait. The girls got on the 7am flight, but when they got to Toronto, they were not going to get Executive Class so they decided to wait for the next flight, but then they only gave Alayna Executive Class and would not allow Karalee to sit in the empty seat beside her. That ticked her off! She says she will never fly Air Canada again! Their flight ended up getting into NYC an hour late, so they got to NYC only minutes before I did, inspite of the fact that I spent 2 hours in a business lunch in Montreal!

Today we went to a preview of the show The Woman in White. It's an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical that opens next week. The star of the show, whom the show was especially written for, has cancer, but she is still performing the lead role, except during the matenees. After the show we met Bernie, Caroline, and Katie at Angus McIndoe restaraunt, across from The Phantom of the Opera. They didn't have room for 7 so we went to Spanky's BBQ for Alayna's New York birthday.

In the evening Martha picked up "handmade fresh every day" ice cream from ColdStone for a ice cream party in Renee's room with just the 5 of us! Alayna would like this ice cream every day!

Renee is her usual happy chatty self and feels good except for her eyes. They hurt too much to read, so I read the Winnipeg Free Press for her this morning. She keeps her lights off and wears sunglasses to watch TV or do stuff on her computer. This is a result of her chemo.

Alayna is leaving again 1st thing in the morning - 1st class all the way home!


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Dear family,
    We drove past your church today on our way home from the EM Cup in STeinbach and I wanted to let you know that we are still praying for you. I can't begin to imagine how distressing this whole ordeal must be for you. Just know that you are loved and prayed for!

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  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Thanks for your prayers
    Renee is doing much better