Sunday, February 10, 2008

Job - a Path Thrugh Suffering

Dr Timothy Keller

The ancients approached God as the accused approaches the judge. For the modern the role is reversed. We are the judge, God is in the dock. We will be a very reasonable judge, if God would simply have a very reasonable explanation for why he permits war, poverty, and disease. We are all ears. We are ready to listen! We may even be willing to acquit God if the explanation is reasonable! But the point is, we start out today assuming that is the order of things - we are on the bench - God is in the dock. C. S. Lewis

Lent - the 40 days leading to the commemoration of the most momentous event in history.

Job 38:1-3; 40:8-12; 42:1-10

My Servant Job - Dr Keller

Job is angry. I don't want to suffer without vindication. I want explanation. God talk to me. Finally God shows up.
Got says surprising things.
1. Arguments
Examples from nature. Who made it. Who do the thunderbolts report to? You know so much? Who are you to tell God what he can or can't do? if God is big enough to stop it- he is big enough to have a reason for it.
If you look into a small tent and you don't see a St Bernard there probably is not one there. If you don't see a No-seeum that does not mean there is not one in there because you can't see them.
Elizabeth Elliot lost 2 husbands by the time she was mid 40s She suffered. Rest in God's will. It is beyond the largest notions of God you can have

2. Silence
God never gives reasons to Job.
There are reasons given to in Chapter 1 He allows enough suffering to discredit Satan.
If God had given the reason to Job the whole purpose of suffering would have been lost.
Musician / playwright Saliary saw Mozart cheating on his girlfriend while Saliary remained chaste and then Saliary denied God. Ultimately he become a murderer. Saliary thought he could be justified by works. Works righteousness will destroy you in suffering. He wanted God to pay him back with fame and fortune.
God has to say trust me. For the sake of trusting him.

3. Terrible Wonderful Storms
Job wanted vindication explanation.
When God showed up he became YAWEH
When you suffer- you need to say- I was redeemed by someone who suffered for me.
Job says I retract. I trust you. I love you God. I am content. I don't need vindication. Or explanation.

God moves in mysterious ways.

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