Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Surgery Done

Dr LaQualia came to report to us. Surgery went well. Part of right upper lobe removed. Everything looked good. Renee is sleeping good. 4" incision - just enough to get the hand in. Still has chest tube. Will likely get a fever. Walk as much as possible. Pain Control is going to be the challenge. She might get out Sunday.
Robotics are a waste of time. Sexy. Not a wave of the future. Takes too long to set it up

Renee is waking up. Itchy. Irritation.
Wants oxygen off. Will try for a while. May need it again.

Need that special lotion - Sarna Fragrance Free - so I went to Rite Aid to see if I could find it. Martha is staying with Renee for the night. Renee wanted her to read for her.

Renee's room is one of three in the POU - Pediatric Observation Unit - staffed by 3 nurses and all the latest and greatest support equipment. She should be OK, for sure!

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